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Hi, my name is Jenn. I'm a web developer and user experience designer with a passion for teaching. I'm dedicated to helping mission-driven business owners like you build a website that shares your message, showcases your work, and reflects your brand.

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FREE: How to write great content for your website

Download my simplified checklist to ensure your website content follows best practices.

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FREE: How to write great content for your website

Download my simplified checklist to ensure your website content follows best practices.

    Wherever you are in the website-building process, I help you take the next steps and make your website more effective.

    I have six years of web development and design experience, as well as ten years of teaching experience. I apply what I’ve learned from both of these careers to the technical, design and coaching services I offer.

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    Resources to improve your user experience or build a brand new website – FREE

    Practical, actionable tips, tricks and resources so you can make your DIY website have a great User Experience.

    Check back often, as I am always adding to these resources and tools.

    Websites for education-related businesses

    Website Packages

    Whether you offer consulting services, professional development, speaking engagements, lesson plan materials, or offer a different sort of education-related service, I can help you build an effective website that grows your business and serves your audience

    I offer 3 clear packages that help you understand exactly what your options are, what the process looks like, and how much it will cost.

    Receive 1:1 support to manage your website

    Website Management

    If you have a bunch of things you keep meaning to do to your website, but those things keep falling to the bottom of your TODO list, then this service could be a game-changer for you!

    As your website manager, I handle the monthly tasks you wish you had the time and energy to do on your own. You benefit from my technical and UX design expertise on a monthly basis, while we make incremental, ongoing improvements to your website.

    I also monitor your Google Analytics (and set up analytics for you if you don’t already have them), and send you a monthly report detailing your website’s effectiveness on the specific goals that matter to you. Together, we use those reports to make targeted, evidence-based improvements to your website.

    Have a stunning, unique & professional website built just for you

    Custom Design & Development

    I provide custom design and development services, including:

    • Simple “brochure” sites using a sitebuilder like Squarespace or Wix
    • Online storefronts using tools like Shopify
    • Complex websites requiring custom coding, whether that’s a custom-coded WordPress theme or a JavaScript application that requires one-of-a-kind functionality.

    Building an excellent custom site requires not only strong technical skills, but also the often-overlooked “soft” skills of listening, communicating and collaborating to ensure that the custom design truly meets your goals. My 6 years of technical experience, 10 years of teaching experience, and Masters degree in Online Program Development have allowed me to develop all of these important skills.

    Contact Me to learn more about getting a custom site built and see a portfolio of my work.

    For two years, making my website nagged at me on my to-do list. I didn’t know where to start and felt overwhelmed, so I kept putting it off. Jenn’s coaching sessions offered the structure and support I needed to finally get the project done. Her expert guidance on how to present my material and on the technical aspects of launching and maintaining a website were exactly what I needed!”
    therapist with private practice

    I had created a pretty simple website for myself using Squarespace, but because I was working off a template there were just some things I couldn’t figure out how to do on my own. During my coaching session with Jenn, she asked the right questions and gave easy suggestions on how my website could communicate my value better. Not only that, but she helped me make real-time design tweaks that although simple, completely took my site to the next level. I’m very happy with my website right now, Jenn’s services are perfect for people of all levels and she’s wonderful to work with!
    Freelance writer & producer

    “I’m in the process of creating a new business and didn’t have the budget to hire someone to design my entire website for me. After building one with a template, Jenn helped me improve the site with a “user experience audit.” Her services were perfect for what I needed at this stage. Would definitely recommend Jenn!”
    Founder & Owner of Mama Needs a Timeout